has connected the Northwest Arctic to the Internet for 10 years. Starting service in August of 2001, Inutek is now delivering affordable Internet service to over 500 homes and businesses in the region. Moving from an initial delivery of DSL and wireless, Inutek by the end of 2011 will deliver its service exclusively over highly reliable DSL lines. Inutek now offers packages with speeds beginning at 64 Kbps and going up to 512 Kbps, with overall access to the Internet increased eight-fold from the original service 10 years ago. divides the entire process of connecting you to the Internet amongst the three members of the consortium. Maniilaq Association handles installation of the Internet modem and technical support in the villages. OTZ is responsible for: customer service, sign-up, and billing, while GCI maintains the satellite transport system. Any customer service or technical assistance should be directed to either Maniilaq or OTZ. Please refer to the contact information.