If you would like to sign-up for Internet service from Inutek.net, begin your sign-up by following the two steps below.

STEP 1: Print out and complete the Service Application form found at the link below. Make sure you check the box for the services you want on the first page, read the Terms & Conditions on the second page, and sign, date, and print your name at the bottom of the second page. This form will set up your account with the correct service information. Once completed, either mail the form to OTZ Telephone Coop, PO Box 324, Kotzebue, AK 99752, or fax the form to 907-442-2123 or 2338. Click Here to Download the Service Application

STEP 2: Enter the information requested below and press Submit. This information will help the service technicians complete the installation of your internet services. An Inutek.net service representative will contact you shortly regarding your sign-up.

First Name: 

Last Name: 

Contact (Phone) Number: 
Billing Address P.O. Box:    

City, State:  

ZIP Code:   

Please mark one Operating System:
  PC:   Windows ME   Windows XP   Windows 2000   Windows 7
  Mac:  Mac OS 9         Mac OS X     
(** Note: If you do not meet one of the above minimum system requirements, you may contact the Maniilaq IS Department for system upgrades or recommendations for a new PC, at 442-7207.)

If you have any additional comments, instructions, or questions, please feel free to let us know below:


After submitting the form, click here to return home. A service representative will contact you shortly regarding your sign-up. Thank you!