Inutek offers affordable Internet service in Northwest Alaska. To continue providing quality, affordable service, our available service plans come with a usage allowance for a rolling seven-day period. Data usage is the amount of data, such as images, movies, photos, videos, and other files that customers send, receive, download or upload. Inutek measures total data usage and does not monitor specific customer activities to determine data usage. Data usage in excess of the plan allowance will result in a temporarily reduced Internet service speed and lowered usage allowance until usage is back in line with the service plan.

Inutek service plans are designed to meet the usage needs of our customers and most customers should not expect to exceed the included amount of usage defined in the Fair Usage Policy. To learn more about the usage amounts associated with online activities, click on usage info at the top of this page.

Inutek has included usage allowances in our service plans to assure affordable and reliable service for all customers. A small number of customers use substantially more of the network than is intended for their service plan. Left unchecked, this usage affects the experience for all customers. Inutek believes the fair approach for all customers is to ensure that customer usage is in line with the allowance in their service plan. To ensure continued access for all Inutek customers, repeated or continuous usage in excess of plan allowance will result in service suspension or a service disconnection.